Monday, September 19, 2011


I found this in some paperwork I marked, "Important" and this is very important. This is a part of our family history, our past. We loved living in Helena, Alabama. We enjoyed our neighbors and the "small town" setting. This is a piece the town "newsletter" did on Jason and his dad's company back then...and incidentally, is the same store where Jason and I first met back in 2000.

Helena will always have a special place in our hearts...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remeber, Never Forget, but We Live On

Thanks to our brave men and women fighting the evil of 9.11, I figure the best way to stick it in the eye of terror is to have a life of an American as normal as we should without fear of stepping outside.  If we stay indoors locked up, this means THEY have one. 

Starting out for the week in my case: MONDAY: SINUS SURGERY!!!  OH JOY!!!!!!!

Ya see, I have never seemed to have been able to get enough air through my nose and on top of that my body has suffered from chronic sinus problems.  Now we know why, the septum was not just deviated but blocking one nostril entirely!  This caused the sinuses not to drain at all causing infections which lead to bronchitis, and contributing to sever sleep apnea.  Through the direction of Dr. Ledet, Dr.Pittcock of Mobile, AL was able to correct the septum and properly clean out polyps in the sinuses.  So that got me off my feet for a week.  The other issue of a root canal awaited me for next week.  This was a problem that I knew about having to address but now forced my attention.  Not getting my high enough dose of pain for the week I guess the root canal was moved up to Friday at my request.  I'm good to go now folks!  Back to work for me!  Oh TRIPLE JOY!!!

ME-UM is a Daisy Scout now.  It's like a rank before Brownies.  To be honest, as a dad I'm not up to speed with it yet but it looks like I'll be taking her to her meetings at the "li-berry" on Thursday nights.  This is really a big deal if you think about her being in a scouting organizations.  Of course, she is bound to one up everyone with her mad camping skillz from going with the boys on their scout family trips!  Next week I will have some pics of her meeting.
Aaron's first soccer game of the season was Saturday.  It was a glorious day to vanquish the Little Flowers school soccer warriors! 

The other team was good but they couldn't over come the team work of the Eagles!
The team listened with their commanders/coaches and were resolved to win.
To keep us safe from would be terrorist on this day we had Batman over watch!


This year, Aaron seems to be getting into the mix!

In my opinion, they were all winners.
Llama maybe, but I'll share a cup of blood wine with him any day!  (Blood wine= Star trek ref. for a warrior's drink)

How can you not get more American than Cub Scouts?!  Well, today, while Mom and Kake were at birthday parties, Russell attended his FIRST den meeting as a Tiger cub.  He was excited and really got into it.  I can't express enough my feelings of pride that my boys are in scouts!  He earned his Bobcat badge and made a game noise shaker.  The leader is named Jason and I look forward to helping them out as much as I can.  Now that all of my kids are in scouting, their training will some day complete and we shall rule the world!!!

It was a much busier weekend than I have reported!  Lil P had her 1st birthday, worked at my office with my boys, church, Scout master Kim still on task (as anyhting else), and I went on a ghost hunt at a new location.  All the info and pic along with some video of all of it and from above this week.

God bless my family (all of you) and bless this great country that we live in!!