Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aaron Plays Goalie...

Did I tell you how much I LOVE that the Catholic school soccer program plays positions down here? Well, if I did know now.   :)
Aaron, I think, has found his favorite spot...Goalie.

Yes, that kid is trying to play volleyball in the middle of a Soccer game...but we have all been there, right. And sadly, I have done that on my team's goal side...totally NOT COOL.  :)

Hugs and prayers to you all!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This was just too precious not to share...

Even though we still have not heard from Underwriting about our house and even though we do not have our materials around us...we have each other and we have family. My kids remind us every day how important love, support, and family are over all things material.
We are eternally greatful to my parent's for opening up their house to us during this "Rollercoaster" ride and we thank God for all our many blessings each and EVERY day.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Biggest Cousin gets to hold Littlest Cousin...

We have been bringing meals to my brother and his wife for a couple days help make that first month home not so stressful. This past week Aaron wanted to "help" and get a peek at his baby cousin.
He was so full of questions and it was total love at first sight. He did not want to give her back and has been asking to see her since.

* Miriam went through my iphone pictures and discovered her brother got to see "Cenelope" before her and that would not do...however, due to her "stress" rash I have put her on quarantine. :( 
Russell, though happy for his Godfather, would much rather have a dog.  :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Soccer Game for SDS

So need to teach my son to keep his elbows down...
This was not only Aaron's first game of the season for his new school but also his first official Soccer game period. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see him play a soccer game with real positions. Sadly, his team lost but I think the coaches learned what they really need to work on with the team. Our games are every Saturday we look forward to all our games and to cheer on our favorite Soccer player.


Monday, September 13, 2010

The First Niece...

Our First Niece was born on September 12th...

Penelope Anne
7 pounds 4 ounces
20.5 inches long

The kids have not gotten to meet their little cousin but they sure are proud and are the first to say anything to anyone standing near us.
Congrats to my brother and his wife...she is beautiful.
Proud Uncle Johnathan, my little brother.
The proud grandparents and even prouder dad.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Go Jackets, Go Jackets!" really, GO!

As I was typing the post about our night at Dauphin Island I heard frantic screaming coming into the house and down the was Russell. He was screaming about bees. As we were looking at his hand, that he was cradling, for the sting he started screaming and jerking in pain AGAIN. We immediately took off his shirt and a Yellowjacket flew out...then we saw another climb out of his shorts...this sent Russell in to panic mode and all of us in a running from the room as Jason tried to battle the Yellowjacket. if that was not I was, again, trying to calm Russell down and put him in a bath to soak...I notice another Yellowjacket crawling on his shorts. I quickly rushed him out the door for him to totally strip, for fear their maybe more that was a total of 3 Yellowjackets that were visible and 2 that were vanquished in Grandma's house. Russell was their intended target...he got stung 3 times and Jason once.

Night of the Crabs...

We went to Daulphin Island Saturday night so the kids could hunt for crabs...we just prefer the calm of Daulphin Island over Gulf Shores, that and it is so much closer.We got there early enough to play in the water, build sand castles and attempt to fly a kite(not to far out 'cause I am a big chicken when it comes to dusk and sharks).

As the Sun started to set we got ready for the "hunt"...we packed up our stuff and got our nets and buckets out and our flashlights ready.
Aaron is an old pro, as he has been doing this since he was 2 yrs. old. Russell and Miriam still need a lot of practice. Miriam spent more time screaming that she saw a crab then actually going after one. But they each caught one or two...some with the help of their big brother.

In a related story...the only shark we saw that night was one that someone had built in the beach out of was awesome. Sadly, our camera does not work in the dark and flashlights do not make good flashes. But it truely was a masterpiece.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Season, how we have missed thee...

...We went to support our family last night "across the Bay" for the Fairhope vs. McGill-Toolen Football game. My brother plays in the band, third child of the six to be a "Band Geek", for McT and my cousin is a cheerleader for Fairhope. Our family was split and had to walk back and forth to show support for both. Though McT has done well in the past and had won both previous games this year they fizzled out against the Fairhope which we had to hear their new cannon fire for each of the goals scored. Gee, that was fun. ;)
The kids got a kick out of seeing Johnathan and the band play and Miriam LOVED that her "girl cousins" were there AND cheering.
Russell wants to play, that is all I am going to say about that...
We got there early so we could Tailgate all decked out in our Orange and Black, McT colors. Ok, all except 'Pop' who just bought a fabulous Pink striped shirt and wanted to wear it.  :)
The weather was nice, so that made the experience even better. However, the kids got tired and we only lasted the first part of the half...just long enough to see the McT band play.

We are getting very excited about watching College Football today and have gotten a few snacks to consume...though we do not have a team we normally cheer for we have decided that in memory of my cousin's good husband, Johnnie Crist, we will cheer for Auburn. I like the colors anyway...though I do enjoy a good cowbell.  :)

**The Darth Bear you see above is Russell's Birthday money purchase. He has named the bear Sam and loves him very much...he was also given a Camo tent and Army Fatigues. "Darth Sam" has followed Russell everywhere...which has gotten him a "bath" already. I am sure they will be getting into a lot more adventures...***

These are some of Miriam's "girl cousins" who live "across the Bay"...Sara is a senior at Fairhope and Erin got to participate in Fairhope's Cheer Camp overthe summer. Man are we in trouble...*sigh*
Football player and a cheerleader? *sigh* again.  ;)
Family on the Fairhope side...Antoines, Ards, Cinks, and Hunts...watching the Half Time Show
cannot get rid of this durn yellowjacket...hmmmm...