Saturday, October 29, 2011

Robotics Competition

As if having two Trekkie parents, having a family that quotes Star Wars, or a father who plays Warhammer 40K were not enough...Aaron is on his school's Robotics Team. J  This was our first year participating and being at the Competition. Aaron is just a "work horse" observer, but Aaron loved going to the meetings and putting input into this weekend's competition and we saw some pretty neat stuff.
When he is in the 7th and 8th grade he will get a chance to design, assemble, and possibly drive the Robot he and his group put together. However, Aaron has challenged himself to drive the robot in the 6th grade. In the immortal words of that Comcast Commercial’s Turtle, “THAT’S MY SON!”
At the Competition we saw some awesome booths from all kinds of schools from all over lower Alabama. From Middle and High school to Public and Private schools. Some booths were elaborate and some were simple but all were creative. Each School that participated came up with games and prizes, “themes,” and handouts. Aaron cannot wait for next year, he came away with many new ideas. J

Setting up the booth Friday after school.

The poster Aaron made for the booth. It's really creative.

One of the many boothes we visited while at the Competion.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Aaron is participating in a Math-a-thon Fundraiser for the St. Jude Research Hospital. It is a voluntary event and not many of his classmates wanted to do it, but Aaron wanted to do something in honor of Evan Thomason; ( who recently passed away from his battle with Neuroblastoma. If you would like to donate toward this worthy cause, here is Aaron's Math-a-Thon website:

Thank you and God Bless.

Nifty Fifties Day

It was the 50th day of school. To celebrate, the Kindergarteners all dress up in Fifties outfits and they each get a Coke Float. We borrowed an outfit for Miriam and it made her day…it had a pink skirt.  J

This a picture of a few Kindergarteners from each class and the teachers.
It is going in the SDS Newsletter, I think.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Red Ribbon Week and Star of the Week

This week our kids' school is having their Red Ribbon Week. Every day the kids get to do something different, all so they can "Say No to Drugs" or as they currently say it now, "Drugs are No Fun."
Today, the “fun” was wearing red accessories with your uniform. The boys had fun with this…

Miriam missed it; she was dealing with tummy issues.
Tomorrow’s fun is “Extra Recess,” Wednesday’s fun is a Dodge ball tournament A vs. B, Thursday’s “to cool for drugs” fun is being allowed to wear sunglasses during recess, and Friday is a half day…

Miriam is holding her Pumkin Princess that she made for school.

Also, this week Miriam is “The Star of the Week” in her class. She gets to do a “Show and Tell” on Wednesday, provide items for the “Guessing Jar,” and have her picture displayed on the Bulletin Board. How great is that?!

Tomorrow is the 50th day of school and to celebrate the Kindergarteners get to dress in Fifties outfits and have Coke Floats...I hope I can get some pictures.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

A lot has been going on these past few weeks...sleep has not been one of them. There has been something going on EVERY weekend. Between Soccer, Scouts, school, and friends or family; time to sit or sleep has been almost non-existent. It is crazy but we love it.

We got some good news about Miriam's eye-sight. Her glasses and eye exercises have worked. The Eye Surgeon said she looks great and he will not need to see her again. She has 20/20 vision with her glasses on. Plus, he said that she seems to have an (he used a technical term) eye thing that will be attractive to others when she gets to be 16. He said that Kate Moss has the same eye thing. Right, I am sure her dad will LOVE to know this bit of information. J
We made Sugar Cookies with Candy Eyes and Sprinkles yesterday. They turned out cute.  J

We got Miriam's kitchen out so Penelope could play with her cousin...

This was at Catholic Scout Adventure...I think Jason got some good pics too.

This just makes me cry.
Russell was a "Bloodman" (Imperial Guard  from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) for Halloween about 3 years ago. I made this costume and it went to the floor. Russell has now been grounded for disobeying our "no growing" rule.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Girl Scout Traditions Day

I am not sure what was meant by "Girl Scout Traditions Day" because there was nothing "traditional" going on, that I remembered. Granted, it has been about 18 years since I wore my green uniform and beret but I am pretty sure I don't remember "chaos" being part of the tradition. Nor do I remember EVER starting anything without an Opening Ceremony AND there were no pot holder making stations. What is a Girl Scout function without potholders?!
Miriam and I had a great time, despite the "chaos" and non-traditional "Traditions". We carpooled with 4 of her friends and their mommies. Thank goodness for my Panzer. All 4 girls rode with me and, thankfully, another mother rode with us or I would pulled over several times over Drama.
The girls got to have their hair sprayed several colors and their face painted. Then they made a “Girl Scout Promise” Bracelet and made a cute “Swap” (which means if they liked another girls craft they could swap it). We also took an unscheduled hike through the Girl Scout camp, called Scoutshire Woods; entered into a Scarecrow Creation Contest, and enjoyed the AWESOME weather and scenery during our Picnic Lunch.
Oh, and last but not least, we had S’mores. Mmmmm!!

(I have heard many details about what the Girl Scout program has become and the “Journey” it chose to take from when I was younger to what it is today...and I am not sure I like what I have been reading. Daisy's may be the only rank she may ever earn in Girl Scouts, unless they let me take and make what we will and will not be teaching our girls morally, religiously, and patriotic-ly speaking.)

This was only the beginning of our First Day of October...after we got home and got cleaned up we went to Camp Grace for the Boy Scout's "Catholic Scout Adventure" to meet up with our boys...we made it just in time for mass and a Hot Dog dinner.