Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Favorite Time of the Year...

      Cannot believe it is already October. All that know us KNOW we LOVE LOVE LOVE the month of October.  We live for this month and to decorate our house in all our Halloween best. This year, since we lack a space of our own and do not have any of our decorations, the kids and I decided that their playhouse/fort was a GREAT place to put some Halloween "color". But do not worry to much about us...I grew up in a Halloween loven' house so we got to have a little fun with my parent's front picture yet but let's just say that many a car AND firetruck sllloooow down to pass my parent's house to see the decor'.    :)

        We also, as a family, got our Flu "shots". The Children's Medical Group had a Shot Clinic and we were able to get our Flu Mist and Jason and I got a "Whooping Cough" shot too (our arms are still sore). As you can see by the boy's expressions their father had not told them they were NOT getting a shot.
       Also this month we found out the house we were trying to get was sold and a family with kids moved in this past week. We think it is nice for the neighborhood that the house is occupied and hope that the family enjoys the house.
       In other news, my sister-in-law has started back to work and we get to watch Penelope. How fun is that?! Expect more photos, I am sure.  :)   Aaron has already asked when HE will get to be Penelope's babysitter.
This was just a cute picture...Pop and his grand-daughters (October 17th)
      Up coming events for this month, besides Halloween, Russell's "Nifty-Fifties" Day - Aaron's Grandparent's day -  and the Blessing of the Ghouls...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who is Driving this Crazy Thing.......called Life?

Due to the fact that our mortgage lady was unprofessional and disorganized and other things beyond our control we had to say good-bye to the house we wanted on Ginger Drive. We, as a family, are sad to not have the house we have been eyeing, planning, and dreaming about for the past month. However, we know that God has a plan and to keep positive. We are now back to our plan of just being Renters until we sell our house in B'ham. Keep your fingers crossed we find something before Christmas because my "planning ahead" nature will kind of be "null and void" if all of it is in storage...if you catch my meaning.  :)

Miriam started "Full Day" Preschool at St. D's on Tuesday. So far so good. I had to make her a nap mat cover and having just come back from an Allergic Reaction filled weekend at the Beach (post from that coming soon), her nap mat cover is NOT my best please do not judge.  :)

Immaculate Mary your praises we sing...