Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jump Rope for Heart 2011

Today was the Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser at SDS...

It was not like I remember it when I did it in Cali back in the 80's but the kids had fun just the same. There were different centers with different fun activities...mostly involving a jump rope. It was a lot of fun to follow the kids was loud and chaotic but so glad I got to see my boys participate. I really like their PE Coach, he is a retired Marine and when he wants to make sure the kids understand he gets them to say, "Ooo Rah!"  :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Russell Finally Gets A Trophy...

Russell was very sad he did not get anything from his Pinewood Derby Race...they did not give the "Anything goes" group any trophies so when he found out he was getting a trophy after his last game he was VERY excited.

He carried it around with him all day Sunday and he gets a tissue and "shines" it too. He is just so proud.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mardi Gras started!!

Their daddy got them these hats.
This is the Mobile Mardi Gras Flag. You did know Mardi Gras in the US started in Mobile?

Coolest Thing EVER!!

Aaron got this during a visit from Circus of the Kids that visits every 2 years to all the area Catholic Schools. Each student can buy tickets to be used for food or trinkets.

Is it a Vase?
A top to a very large acorn?

Or Safari Hat?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Russell's Big Game...

 Russell was so excited because Sunday was his first Basketball game. SDS has a "Superstar" program that is about 2 months long. They practice and introduce Basketball skills to Kindergarten and 1st graders the first month and then they have three Sundays of games. Russell was just a ball of energy running up and down the court...forgetting everything he learned the Sundays before. I laughed so hard, not because he was funny looking but it was just so darn cute!

The kids on both teams wore wrist bands so that they would know who they were supposed to guard or mark. Russell, having missed the last practice where they explained that, really thought that the other team's matching wristband player was to pass the ball to him. He just could not understand why these boys, who were his friends, were not sharing and passing the ball to him. Jason and I tried to explain to Russell after the game but he just did not get why one friend would pass the ball and not the other. We decided to let the coach tell him next Sunday.