Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Does One Become MORE Beautiful?

Just add Pink glasses, of course.
Miriam got her new glasses when we returned from The Grand...and have already had to go adjust the nose part and are having to remind her to look through the lenses not over.

It is official...

Socks with sandals is a hereditary trait. You have been warned.

There is no cure...

A "Grand" Ol' Birthday!

Jason and I cannot believe our little Peanut is so big...

We asked Aaron what he wanted to do for his 9th Birthday...we thought he would want a big party with loads of friends but he surprised us with his wanting to go to The Grand Hotel across the bay.
So, we went early evening Easter Sunday and spent the whole next day...doing everything the Grand had to offer (except Golf and the Spa). We all had a blast!!
We took a family bicycle ride around the Grand, went sailing, canoeing, got tattoos, made sun catchers, played Ping-Pong, swam, caught Croakers (a fish) off the Grand's pier and - after Miriam helped flip the canoe that she, Aaron, and Jason were in - got to ride on a Sea-doo. Happy Birthday, Aaron. We love you!!

"I caught 4 in like 10 minutes!"

Still NOT tall enough...even on tip-toes.

Waiting for their turn at the slide...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Biggest Egg Hunt EVER!!

We took advantage of Granddaddy Pete's half acre yard to have the "Biggest Easter Egg Hunt Ever" at Grandma and Pop's house. It took three of us to hide the eggs (and we still did not count them correctly - LOL). I had snagged some talking eggs last year when everything was 75% off and they turned out to be a lot of fun. They said things like, "Come find me!” made chirping sounds, or "I'm hiding!" - They were great!

< Oh, it goes on farther then this...this is just the beginning.  :)

Uncle Will wore this shirt to prove to Russell that menz do wear pink...the hat, was just an added bonus and Miriam's.

Miriam know she hears something...where is it?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Finest...

Getting pictures really puts one in the mood for church...especially a 2 to 3 hour service...this was before the Easter Vigil, Saturday. (Forgot to mention the drama before the "drama"...I had a pink button down picked out for Russell but you can guess how that went.) ya go...


This was just a really good picture...

Happy Easter Everybody!

The Easter Bunny may be a girl...and preggers....cause for Easter this year Pickles, Bacon, and chocolate were given. No, really...and what you do not see is the can of Unicorn meat I got and the Chest Buster Aaron got. Plus, Miriam got a really cool glass jar with a Butterfly in it that acts like it is real when you tap the jar. Totally cool!

I hope that the Easter Bunny was as eclectic for you as he was for us. God bless!!







Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg-cellent time...

We didn't make a mess, hooray!!  :)

Waiting for her egg to be just right.

Our babies have gotten so big...I hope they never loose their love for fun activities like this cause their parents sure haven't.  :)

Love that we NEVER have normal eggs...
We have several Camo/Marble eggs, a princess egg, aliens,
funny faces, and of course my "Twilight" egg.  :)