Monday, August 30, 2010


So, we got through our first FULL week of school for all the kids. Russell has decided that going until 3 is totally overrated and for the first time in Miriam's MDO/Preschool history she RUNS towards us READY to leave. Aaron has been complaining of stomach aches and blames Fruit Chews but I think he needs to get his body use to the schedule again.
Aaron has started soccer practice and really enjoys it. No word on when his first game is but we will post pictures. He also started Boy Scouts and Jason has volunteered to be the Den Dad. The first big thing will be a Regatta. They cannot wait and yes, there will be pictures for that too.
Still waiting on word on getting the house on Ginger Drive. We had our House Inspection...the house has great "bones" but has a few fixable issues. Now we have to wait on the an appraisal. Waiting stinks!
The kids are ready for their own spaces. I really hope we get our stuff out of PODS before the holidays start...
God Bless!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Today was a good day.

Today, among other things, my second oldest Russell (a.k.a. Booky) turned 6!
Pop repairing damage from hurricane Miriam

The day started out with the usual stress and trauma of getting up and going to school. My little man didn't want to go to school. He wanted to stay home and open his presents...or head to the beach for crab hunting and shark teeth.
Booky and his cousin Christopher with a preparty lego play.

Russell had a very good day at school, which was his first time having his birthday at school so maybe it wont be so painful next year.
Meanwhile, I called the owner of the house that we want and we agreed to a price. So Kim and I signed the contract and now we are closer to getting a place than before!
I want to thank all who gave Booky a great birthday! He really enjoyed every minute of it and every gift! The boy is set with Star Wars Lego stuff now. In the next day or two I plan on having it all built out for him to play with. Right now he is having a ball playing with the Lego guys from each of the kits.
Links to Bday Pics:
Ma Jones gets the Booky Hug.  She paid cash for this!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Russell's First Day of Kindergarten

FINALLY, Russell has his first day of Kindergarten. He was not happy about the whole "getting started early" thing that school makes you do...but his big brother tries to keep him laughing.
Waiting in the hallway to get into his class...

Getting into the class and learning what to do first thing...

Russell had a great day. He came out and was all smiles. He said they read a story about the Gingerbread man, they all were wearing hats they made with a Gingerbread Man they decorated on them, and after the teacher finished reading about him there was on knock on the door and "Who was at the door? A Gingerbread Man and he gave us gingerbread cookies"
I am glad he had a good first day. I was worried he would revert to my shy, pry off my leg, child...I thought I might have to call Mrs. Judy (his PreK4 Teacher) to come to the rescue. However, we have only started the "war" and that was only a small "skirmish"...a bigger battle comes next week...a full week of ALL DAY Kindergarten.
In a related story, I DID not volunteer to be a Room mom for any of my kid's classes.  :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

School Day 8.12.2010

Today was the first day of school for everyone but Bookie.  Bookie goes in about a week.  Johnathan went to high school but has been attending band camp for most of the summer. 
 Aaron seemed to be a bit nervous but managed to make two friends and get invited to a roller skate birthday.  He really enjoyed his busy day. 
Miriam bolted right out of the car into school.  It surprised the teachers as most kids need a few minutes to stop crying or say those final "I love you" and good byes, not M.  She had things to do and people to see and we were lucky to get a slight glance over her shoulder when she went in!

It was just a half day for all but they were beat.  Miriam seemed to not want to go and Aaron was happy to be heading back home.

Boy Cousins Invade...July, 2010

...This July my parents had everyone of their grandchildren at their house over a span of two weeks...ok, the Foster ones have not left...Anyway, it is plain to see why Miriam makes sure you know she is "Pinkalicious hear her roar".
...However, her reign as "Only Grand-daughter" will come to an end as our first Niece is due to arrive next month. The first Wimberly Grand-daughter...This should be interesting...

*Someone did NOT want his picture taken...there was a toy with his name on it AND you took it away to take a stinky photo?

My family is such a bad influence...but they are doing something constructive, building Legos.
*The boys attended a Soccer Camp at Corpus Christi and that day's theme was to wear a costume...they took it very seriously.
Meanwhile, Miriam attended a Ballet Camp.
* Miriam and her cousin love playing "Momma and Sweetie"...This playhouse gets so much use, though most of the time the boys call it a "base".
The last day her cousins would be here...Sprinkle Doughnuts all around!

* Miriam's soon to be First Girl Cousin's parents - Aunt Bradley & Uncle Will, at the Wimberly Baby Shower...

*This picture is one of my favorites of our youngest nephew, Sam. He and his cousin Noah love to "Rockie-rockie"...

Monday, August 2, 2010


Yes, you to can be down like an OG just like this gal with the chain tag frame. Sweet!

We are still doing well. We are going to look at a house today that I think will be the ticket. I'll try and post the video of it later on you tube.

So Shannon and her kids are visiting and we all decide to go to Dauphin Island in the late afternoon. It was a fun trip! We simply walked up the beach and enjoyed the sunset. There were a few families out there fishing and playing like us. I can't wait to go back and because we live not but 20 minutes it won't be long.

About the oil:

The beaches are not spotless but they are clean. You will see a ton of hermit crabs and other see life as they say the oxygen levels are better toward the shore. The government crews have built large mounds of sand all along the beach to help rebuild it at some point. You will find the occasional tar ball. The shame about it all now is what the clean up crews are leaving behind which is their trash! We found cigarette butts all behind the sand mounds and even a pair of rubber gloves.

On 7.23.2010 I flew out of Mobile's downtown airport (hairport as Russell says) and spotted some oil. Check out our photos in the fly sections for more pics.