Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally Got Them...

The boys finally got their Jump Rope for Heart shirts and prizes...they were sooo excited. Thank you again for all those that sponsored them in this fabulous cause. God bless!

Preschool Little Field Day 2011

Miriam's Preschool had their version of Little Field Day. They all seemed to have a great time and it wore her slap out...she crashed in carpool while waiting to get the boys (the wait was only 15 mins.). She was so proud, because she got a "Gold Medal".

She is in her Irish shirt because she is in the "Green" group and did not tell me until the night before...
She WANTED her hair dyed green...she was going to go all out for her "team".  :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Weekend: Ballet Picture Time

This past weekend was packed full of memories...
  • Russell got to have a friend come out with us to see the movie Gnomeo and then play at the house until 7 p.m. They had such a good time and Russell enjoyed having a friend over to play.
  • Aaron and Jason went camping with the Cub Scouts this and story to follow...teaser: Combat boots do NOT protect one from Hot Coffee.
  • Miriam had her pictures for her Ballet group on Sunday...
My hairdresser, Virginia, offered to help me fix Miriam's hair for her Ballet pictures. I am so thankful to Virginia because I have not been able to get Miriam's hair to stay up for very long. It is just so slippery or maybe she just moves to much.  :)

The photography place was running behind...and we got bored...



Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes, Its True

I have always been told that that paper which states that you went to school and know this stuff is important. Being out in the job hunting market, that is very true. I have the experience, just not the degree. That degree will open a lot more doors than I can now.
The other thing about it is that I can lead through example. I can demonstrate how important an education is to my kids and anyone else paying attention. This experience will show that while you may know a lot, you don't know everything. If you thought I knew computers now, wait until this is all said and done!
I chose ITT because it seemed the logical choice for the type of work I do. There are classes within classes that will get me certified for soldering circuits and prepped to pass the A++ test. They seem real gung ho about getting you a career. I mean that, the guy in the career center is a Marine and very experienced recruiter for companies. They not only will help me write a great resume and give interview pointers; they will seek out employers who may be interested in me while I take classes and/or after graduation. I'm talking companies like Austal, EADS, and other large companies.
It’s not going to be easy but it will be manageable. For this quarter my classes are Thursday 6-10PM, Wednesday 6-9:30PM, and Saturday 9AM-1:30PM. Not bad! It's a full time gig. Each class is divided into three separate mini classes and a lab. My class size is around 15-20 students. They will start us off brushing up on math skills and introduction to technology.
The cost for this degree is around $48k, but I was lucky enough to get grants and federal school loans. When it’s done I will have scheduled payments for the rest of my life. I'd like to thank the American tax payer for making this possible and I won't let ya down! Everything is included like books, admin fees, and even the cap and gown.
Classes start next week...It will be far from easy.  There are a lot of hard days ahead of me.  My only regret about this decision is that it's taken me this long.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Our Lucky Charms

We all got to participate in the Luck of the Irish parade which is a fundraiser to Prevent Child Abuse by the Family Center of Mobile, a non-profit organization.
Troop 143 was represented on the first float and had the honor of being the Color Guard. Our "lucky charms" got to ride on the float and had a blast, I did too. Jason walked along side with his camera but good luck getting him to post any pictures.   :) 

Getting the Throws ready...but then found one they may not want to throw.

Looking for more kids to throw stuffed animals too.
Russell was very proud of his hat...every Kindergartener had one waiting on them this morning.
It seems that a Leprechaun was up to some mischief at SDS.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Hair Do

If you know us you know that our middle son, Russell, LOVES the Marine Corp. Both sides of our family have Retired Marines and my side has a current Marine learning to fly helicopters in Pensacola, Florida. We are VERY proud of our Military we are good with his love for the Marines.
Russell's Godfather, Will, came over to pick up Penelope and decided to get his head shaved/cleaned Russell thought, why not me?
His Godfather had fun with the clippers...
This was the first do...but he knew it was against Dress Code
This is the finished look...
(Sidenote:  Is that the daddy's with daughters in Russell's class...ALL know who Russell is)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friday the 13th??

We all look forward to Mystic Stripers Night every year, as it is our Pop's and Jason's parade and ball night. Usually it is a very stressfull day of trying to get things and people together to head downtown to the Malaga Inn. We have a room at the Malaga Inn every year, same rooms each year, and we decorate them and all are welcome to come by, grab a snack, drink, and/or just visit.
This time was different in that not everone would be here to celebrate the day with us and we are living here so it just did not seem rushed. But it was by NO MEANS less heck-tick. The kids all went to school in the morning and I started the day out with a test in my Intro. to Computers course at Bishop State. It took me 10 minutes to take the test and then I was on my way home (made a 100, by the way). Once there I was informed that the sewer had backed up in the house, Penelope was with us and need to eat, and Chris and Kathy's battery had died and needed a jump. That was only the beginning.
Just as we get back on track and thinking we could start getting the car loaded to head downtown, I get a call that Russell was not feeling well and wanted to come home. He was not sick, just wanted to see what was going on at home. So he went with me to run a few errands before I had to pick the other kids up from school. But this was not the end of the Craziness either...
I had all of the stuff loaded up in my Suburban ready to head out and was getting the kids ready, after school, to leave when my brother came in from taking some last minute things out to tell me something happened to my car. What?!
I cannot even tell you what happened...I went numb after first thought was that someone tried to break in because there was no one around my car and no one had drivin it since I got back from running all the could have also been that someone bumped the door accidentally which folded in the bottom lower right corner on the driver-side and completely screwed up the hinges so that the door would no longer shut. 
Needless to say, we had to take everything out of the suburban and load up "Grandma's Bus" so we could get to the Malaga and get settled before the parade...Sigh.
The rest of the night was sooo much better...

Aaron and Sam waiting for the parade to start.

Pop and Jason's float...Sharp Dressed Men...

Float title was actually "Musicians"

My niece's first parade...with her daddy.