Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 4th Weekend Collage...

You know how we LOVE going to Dauphin Island...

See the Jellyfish?


She was singing Katy Perry's song "Fireworks"...
Glamour Ham loses her first tooth!
This was just a funny picture...they must have just been hit by a wave

When you are this cute, how can you NOT stop to admire your shadow

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"But you don't have to take my word for it..."

As part of our Summer activities, the kids and I go to the Library to check out books to bring home to read together or by themselves. This has actually worked out a lot better then I had thought because Miriam "read" her book to anyone she saw or to herself a million times. It was an easy reader with only a handful of words but to M. it was an accomplishment and we were very proud of her for wanting to "read" her story to us. She cried when we had to return it.

Russell, chose a really cool book. It was called

 by Jacqueline K. Ogburn and Illustrated by Marjorie A. Priceman (picture provided by It was a really fun book to read and at the end it had a recipe for one of Miss Cora Lee Merriweather's famous Chocolate Cakes. a fun treat and extension of his book we made the cake.
Russell had fun...though he was disappointed we could not make it look exactly like one of Miss Cora Lee's cakes, I think he was happy just the same.

Aaron's books were his usual...bugs and science...but they prepared him for his time at St. Mary's Science Camp this month. The boys REALLY love attending St. Mary's Science Camp and then their Enrichment Day Camp. Kudos to St. Mary's Catholic School. You guys have a wonderful program and staff.
Who knows what books the kids will check out next...  :)

Wait. What?!

Picture a child...a child, happy to be showing off her brand new glasses.
Picture that same child when her mom asks, "Do you want to try to get your ears pierced today?" And that child answers, "Yes."

This is that child...

Now...this next picture may shock you...
it sure did Miriam.  :)

These ladies, whose hands you see here, are the same ladies who did all of the Wimberly sister's the look of nervousness is understandable, right?

Now...there are no pictures or video of the part after the ladies said, "3". But, I am sure you heard the window shattering screams that came about 5 seconds after the "shock" wore off. M. was NOT expecting that kind of pain. Only a cookie with M&M's helped ease the shock of such a traumatic event.
Once the cookie was devoured and I shared my Ear-piercing experience with her...she seemed to brighten up...As you can plainly see in this next picture...
My Glamour Ham

PS...the other thing that gets her "through the pain" is the knowledge that she will be getting lots of BLING from now on when it is her Birthday and Christmas. She is such a girl.  :)

What Happened to June?

I am terribly sorry but as soon as my classes started at the end of May and the kids got out of school I have not had a lot of free time or brain power to post anything. We have been so horrible, not only in our lack of postings, but not attending family functions...Jason is taking classes also this summer, so both of us are slacking...
Here is the low down on June...

* Miriam had her Recital the first weekend in June. It was a horrible, but Miriam was great! It was horrible, because the whole thing was just so "messy" and unrehearsed. It was painful to watch the so called "Stars" (because they had been there for 5 years) get up there and dance a dance that they really did not know. Miriam's group...was the best, along with others in the same age group because what they did was expected and developmentally appropriate for them. Miriam had fun and that is really all that matters. We made some great friends during our first year with this dance troop, so not a total loss.

We went to Mellow Mushroom after the Recital...Mmm.

*Forgot to mention...after the Recital, I had Miriam's long hair chopped. Not a drastic "chop" but something short for the summer. It is really a cute cut.

*You know the kids have swim lessons....see other blog post...

*While SDS was having their VBS (which I had fun volunteering at...great learning experience) the kids spent a week at their B'ham grandparents’ house. They got to visit T'town and family up there, as well as see all the damage from the tornados. They swam almost every day and got to visit some of their old haunts, like the Zoo and Rave theatre.

*We have a new cousin on the Wimberly side and the kids think he is sooo cute. They have a lot of fun with his name...
"Luke, we are your cousins."
"Search your feelings you know it to be true."

*Bringing up the end of June was, an always fun, visit from the Farren's. They drove down to spend a week with was so good to see the Farren boys, and of course my sister, again. :)
Our Star Wars Twin Cousins.

The kids have made a lot of fun memories in one month’s time...and they are making many more...I hope your June was as full as ours was. God bless.