Saturday, November 26, 2011

View from an Underwater Camera 2...

  These are pictures from Miriam's Daisy Investiture.

She earned her pins and a chance to show her stuff. She recited the Girl Scout Promise and she proudly projected her knowledge of her petal. She had to tell what the purple petal meant..."Respect myself and respect others"

Miriam also earned some badges for the many activities she has participated in...for example, the Tradition's Day and going to the Haunted House activities at SDS. 

This was the Kindergarten's class Thanksgiving play. Their group line was "Mercy Me". After they play they had a Thanksgiving Feast of Turkey, corn, greenbeans, and cornbread. Each of the kids got to make their own butter, too.

This is Chef "He who runs with bacon" of his homework assignments for class was meant for us parents. We were to give our child a Native American name and explain why. Russell liked our choice.

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