Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who is Driving this Crazy Thing.......called Life?

Due to the fact that our mortgage lady was unprofessional and disorganized and other things beyond our control we had to say good-bye to the house we wanted on Ginger Drive. We, as a family, are sad to not have the house we have been eyeing, planning, and dreaming about for the past month. However, we know that God has a plan and to keep positive. We are now back to our plan of just being Renters until we sell our house in B'ham. Keep your fingers crossed we find something before Christmas because my "planning ahead" nature will kind of be "null and void" if all of it is in storage...if you catch my meaning.  :)

Miriam started "Full Day" Preschool at St. D's on Tuesday. So far so good. I had to make her a nap mat cover and having just come back from an Allergic Reaction filled weekend at the Beach (post from that coming soon), her nap mat cover is NOT my best please do not judge.  :)

Immaculate Mary your praises we sing...

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