Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sorry for the lack of post from me.  You see, I hate computers so much that I can't stand to be near them preventing me from posting on the blog.  Just kidding.  In fact, I am steadily evolving a business handling handling IT issues for various IT companies in Mobile.  These companies have spill over work that they either have too much to do or not enough to justify hiring another employee.  So in other words I am a hired gun/geek or free lance IT guy. 

So far I have two solid clients and possibly a third doing phone and PC repair.  Crazy hu?  My fee is $18 per hour with a minimum of an hour.  It's nice to be back in the IT saddle again.  This gets me out of the house and I meet a ton of new people. 

When the rent-a-geek job has a lull in calls I'm volunteering at my kid's school.  I am working with Mrs. Powell in the (where else) computer lab.  I go around and help the kids if they get stuck or fix some IT issue that they may have.  Last week was special.  I got the honor of teaching the all 8th through 6th graders about hardware.  I had a blast!  I had a DOA computer to break apart and explain what each part was called and what it did.  I put it all in down to Earth terms that, well, even a 6th grader could understand.  The kids seemed to like the whole thing and they all asked a lot of questions.

Next week I'm going to explain how the internets work.  This should be fun. 
You can check out the write up on the school's website here: SDS SCHOOL LAB HARDWARE DAY

What's scarier: that I'm dealing with 8th graders or that I'm the one teaching?

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  1. Welcome to Interwebs 101. Chapter 1...thanks to Al Gore we all have a series of long tubes connecting us to a world of information!

    Ha ha!