Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes, Its True

I have always been told that that paper which states that you went to school and know this stuff is important. Being out in the job hunting market, that is very true. I have the experience, just not the degree. That degree will open a lot more doors than I can now.
The other thing about it is that I can lead through example. I can demonstrate how important an education is to my kids and anyone else paying attention. This experience will show that while you may know a lot, you don't know everything. If you thought I knew computers now, wait until this is all said and done!
I chose ITT because it seemed the logical choice for the type of work I do. There are classes within classes that will get me certified for soldering circuits and prepped to pass the A++ test. They seem real gung ho about getting you a career. I mean that, the guy in the career center is a Marine and very experienced recruiter for companies. They not only will help me write a great resume and give interview pointers; they will seek out employers who may be interested in me while I take classes and/or after graduation. I'm talking companies like Austal, EADS, and other large companies.
It’s not going to be easy but it will be manageable. For this quarter my classes are Thursday 6-10PM, Wednesday 6-9:30PM, and Saturday 9AM-1:30PM. Not bad! It's a full time gig. Each class is divided into three separate mini classes and a lab. My class size is around 15-20 students. They will start us off brushing up on math skills and introduction to technology.
The cost for this degree is around $48k, but I was lucky enough to get grants and federal school loans. When it’s done I will have scheduled payments for the rest of my life. I'd like to thank the American tax payer for making this possible and I won't let ya down! Everything is included like books, admin fees, and even the cap and gown.
Classes start next week...It will be far from easy.  There are a lot of hard days ahead of me.  My only regret about this decision is that it's taken me this long.

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