Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 40th Grandma & Pop!

My parent's, on their 24th wedding Anniversary, got an unusual gift delivered that was my baby bro, Johnathan. So, it is not unusual that their Anniversary is over shadowed and shared with Johnathan but, as with most loving parents...they do not mind ONE BIT. This year, was no different.
We celebrated both my brother's 16th Birthday and my parent's 40th Anniversary with a yummy cookout and water slides. What we did not get a picture of...our brother, Will slamming Johnthan's face into the Birthday cake. Classic!  :)
(Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve...these first pictures are for you...wish you were here, hugs!)

Our photo bomb...just like his father...

The kids loved sharing in the fun with their grandparents.
 The slide cover needed to be fixed so I reached in to fix it...and Jason took that opportunity to push me in...It became a family fun-for-all after that...and I admit it, that water slide was fun.  :)

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