Friday, May 6, 2011


I am such a klutz and I have no business wearing Flip-flops, as I have been told many times by many Dr's over the years. This was made VERY clear last night.
Right before I fell...
We went to McT for the band's Symphony Concert, to support my baby bro. We went to the balcony so the kids could had just started and I was walking down the carpeted stairs to get my boys out of the way when my flip-flop and weak left ankle decided to ignore the whole stairs left ankle went one way while my body went the other. Nice, right? Oh, it gets better. My parents, God love them, panic. 911 was called and long story short I got to take a ride to Springhill ER in an Ambulance.

Kudos to:
  • Mc-T band for not skipping a beat, literally, in their music
and to...
  • The Firemen who carried me up the stairs I fell down and then down 2 flights in a chair (they so got a workout)
  •  We were in the ER for 4 hours...a lot of worse cases came, I understand.

    Happy to cast just an air brace, ice, and Ibuprophen for a couple of days.
    And I am not allowed to wear Flip-flops.  :)

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