Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wait. What?!

Picture a child...a child, happy to be showing off her brand new glasses.
Picture that same child when her mom asks, "Do you want to try to get your ears pierced today?" And that child answers, "Yes."

This is that child...

Now...this next picture may shock you...
it sure did Miriam.  :)

These ladies, whose hands you see here, are the same ladies who did all of the Wimberly sister's the look of nervousness is understandable, right?

Now...there are no pictures or video of the part after the ladies said, "3". But, I am sure you heard the window shattering screams that came about 5 seconds after the "shock" wore off. M. was NOT expecting that kind of pain. Only a cookie with M&M's helped ease the shock of such a traumatic event.
Once the cookie was devoured and I shared my Ear-piercing experience with her...she seemed to brighten up...As you can plainly see in this next picture...
My Glamour Ham

PS...the other thing that gets her "through the pain" is the knowledge that she will be getting lots of BLING from now on when it is her Birthday and Christmas. She is such a girl.  :)

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