Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Drop at SDS...

The kid's school had their Book Drop today. Which is a kind of a "meet your teacher" kind of a thing. It also is a time to pick up last minute items like PE uniforms, sign up for Boy Scouts, PTO stuff, etc. 

It was so chaotic but we made it to all the classrooms and the kids got to see all the friends from last year and see who was in the classrooms for this year. Aaron was excited to see he sits right up front and Russell is sitting in the last row of his class next to some of his old classmates. Miriam is more in the middle but could careless about the whole having to sit thing. Kindergarten, as always, will be an interesting year for her and for us. Sigh.

School starts on Monday for the boys and Miriam has "testing". Her first official day is Friday. Not sure what the boys are thinking, really. Not sure it has actually sunk in. Russell, though, has already informed his teacher and the teacher's aid that his Birthday is coming up.   :)
I am excited for this year for them...second year at SDS...Russell is trying Football and will start Tiger Cubs...Aaron and I will be starting the Bear Trail in Cub Scouts (help! I am a Senior Girl Scout we made pot holders!)...and Miriam will be in Ballet/Tap/Jazz and [may be] starting Daisy's.
Phew, I am pooped already! 

Never mind, Jason will be ending one quarter and starting another this Fall at ITT and I will be starting my Fall Semester at Bishop State Community College. What were we thinking?! My poor mom!!  She is AWESOME and I thank God EVERY DAY for my parent's help.

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