Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It is to durn HOT!!

Today was the second day of football practice for Russell and he got to wear his "Armor" and Helmet, with his practice jersey. He kept up the best he could but by the middle of practice, with the heat beating down, he was so done. Half of the team was done, heck, we parents were so was just plain HOT.
We are going to have to work with him on his "high steps" run and the drop to the ground jump back up move or the push up position, kick your feet, and then "follow the ball" roll move. Cause, not only do I not know the official names of those exercises, poor R. is not quite sure exactly how to do those exercises.
We have noticed that coaches of younger grades like to teach positions and "stay in your position" or, like for soccer, "mark your man". Russell knew who he was to guard and/or stop and he did it TO THE LETTER. That kid was not getting past him. See pictures below.  J

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