Saturday, October 29, 2011

Robotics Competition

As if having two Trekkie parents, having a family that quotes Star Wars, or a father who plays Warhammer 40K were not enough...Aaron is on his school's Robotics Team. J  This was our first year participating and being at the Competition. Aaron is just a "work horse" observer, but Aaron loved going to the meetings and putting input into this weekend's competition and we saw some pretty neat stuff.
When he is in the 7th and 8th grade he will get a chance to design, assemble, and possibly drive the Robot he and his group put together. However, Aaron has challenged himself to drive the robot in the 6th grade. In the immortal words of that Comcast Commercial’s Turtle, “THAT’S MY SON!”
At the Competition we saw some awesome booths from all kinds of schools from all over lower Alabama. From Middle and High school to Public and Private schools. Some booths were elaborate and some were simple but all were creative. Each School that participated came up with games and prizes, “themes,” and handouts. Aaron cannot wait for next year, he came away with many new ideas. J

Setting up the booth Friday after school.

The poster Aaron made for the booth. It's really creative.

One of the many boothes we visited while at the Competion.

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