Sunday, April 3, 2011

2nd Grade Retreat

Aaron had his 2nd grade Retreat this past Saturday to help prepare them for what was to come at First Communion and to kind of introduce another way of seeing what First Communion was about...The theme seemed to be circled around how important the sharing and breaking of "bread" is to our faith.
Parents/families were to accompany their 2nd grader to each center. The centers were fun and informative. Our favorite was the center in the church because we got to learn some history behind all the stained glass windows, talk more about the instruments used by all involved in the masses, and the 2nd graders got a little taste of what would be given at their First Communion mass. Aaron said the wine did not taste good but made his tummy warm. It was a good idea to give the kids a "little taste" because some of them made such horrible faces...
By the end of the Retreat kids and parents alike were soooo over it. But it was a wonderful experience and think those that were in charge did a great job. Aaron had a great time and I was so proud of his constant raise of the hand to share his vast knowledge.

Here are some of the pictures of what we did at each station...though I forgot to take a picture of the "Unleavened Bread" he made, broke, and shared with me or the his reaction to the wine and unblessed host.

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