Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Seder Meal

The 2nd grade, as part of their journey to their First Communion, celebrated the Passover Supper on Wednesday. Some of the students dress as each person who was invited to the table with Jesus at their last gathering and as "Jesus" does with his "Apostles and friends" during the presentation of the "Last Supper" so do the rest of the 2nd graders.
On each of their plates was an example of what was to be eaten at a Seder Meal: Lamb, Eggs, Unlevened bread (Matzoh), Moror (Radish), Karpas (celery), Horoset (apple sauce w/ cinnamon), and Wine (grape juice).

Out of both classes there were only a handful that were not empty. I was impressed. My mom pressure cooked the Lamb and it only took five minutes. All the kids complimented how good the Lamb was...and usually, that is the worst part of the Seder (trust me, we did it when I was little too - bleh).

Trying all the different foods...
After their presentation of the "Last Supper" the 2nd graders sang a few songs, not sure why they did not turn to face the parents was still cute.

Then they all got to open ther letters from their parents in honor of their First Communion.

After the presentation and the letters they got to go outside for recess while some of the moms stayed to set up for the real food, Nachos. Those were a big hit. :)

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