Monday, August 2, 2010

We are still doing well. We are going to look at a house today that I think will be the ticket. I'll try and post the video of it later on you tube.

So Shannon and her kids are visiting and we all decide to go to Dauphin Island in the late afternoon. It was a fun trip! We simply walked up the beach and enjoyed the sunset. There were a few families out there fishing and playing like us. I can't wait to go back and because we live not but 20 minutes it won't be long.

About the oil:

The beaches are not spotless but they are clean. You will see a ton of hermit crabs and other see life as they say the oxygen levels are better toward the shore. The government crews have built large mounds of sand all along the beach to help rebuild it at some point. You will find the occasional tar ball. The shame about it all now is what the clean up crews are leaving behind which is their trash! We found cigarette butts all behind the sand mounds and even a pair of rubber gloves.

On 7.23.2010 I flew out of Mobile's downtown airport (hairport as Russell says) and spotted some oil. Check out our photos in the fly sections for more pics.

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