Thursday, August 19, 2010

Russell's First Day of Kindergarten

FINALLY, Russell has his first day of Kindergarten. He was not happy about the whole "getting started early" thing that school makes you do...but his big brother tries to keep him laughing.
Waiting in the hallway to get into his class...

Getting into the class and learning what to do first thing...

Russell had a great day. He came out and was all smiles. He said they read a story about the Gingerbread man, they all were wearing hats they made with a Gingerbread Man they decorated on them, and after the teacher finished reading about him there was on knock on the door and "Who was at the door? A Gingerbread Man and he gave us gingerbread cookies"
I am glad he had a good first day. I was worried he would revert to my shy, pry off my leg, child...I thought I might have to call Mrs. Judy (his PreK4 Teacher) to come to the rescue. However, we have only started the "war" and that was only a small "skirmish"...a bigger battle comes next week...a full week of ALL DAY Kindergarten.
In a related story, I DID not volunteer to be a Room mom for any of my kid's classes.  :)

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