Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boy Cousins Invade...July, 2010

...This July my parents had everyone of their grandchildren at their house over a span of two weeks...ok, the Foster ones have not left...Anyway, it is plain to see why Miriam makes sure you know she is "Pinkalicious hear her roar".
...However, her reign as "Only Grand-daughter" will come to an end as our first Niece is due to arrive next month. The first Wimberly Grand-daughter...This should be interesting...

*Someone did NOT want his picture taken...there was a toy with his name on it AND you took it away to take a stinky photo?

My family is such a bad influence...but they are doing something constructive, building Legos.
*The boys attended a Soccer Camp at Corpus Christi and that day's theme was to wear a costume...they took it very seriously.
Meanwhile, Miriam attended a Ballet Camp.
* Miriam and her cousin love playing "Momma and Sweetie"...This playhouse gets so much use, though most of the time the boys call it a "base".
The last day her cousins would be here...Sprinkle Doughnuts all around!

* Miriam's soon to be First Girl Cousin's parents - Aunt Bradley & Uncle Will, at the Wimberly Baby Shower...

*This picture is one of my favorites of our youngest nephew, Sam. He and his cousin Noah love to "Rockie-rockie"...

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