Monday, August 30, 2010


So, we got through our first FULL week of school for all the kids. Russell has decided that going until 3 is totally overrated and for the first time in Miriam's MDO/Preschool history she RUNS towards us READY to leave. Aaron has been complaining of stomach aches and blames Fruit Chews but I think he needs to get his body use to the schedule again.
Aaron has started soccer practice and really enjoys it. No word on when his first game is but we will post pictures. He also started Boy Scouts and Jason has volunteered to be the Den Dad. The first big thing will be a Regatta. They cannot wait and yes, there will be pictures for that too.
Still waiting on word on getting the house on Ginger Drive. We had our House Inspection...the house has great "bones" but has a few fixable issues. Now we have to wait on the an appraisal. Waiting stinks!
The kids are ready for their own spaces. I really hope we get our stuff out of PODS before the holidays start...
God Bless!

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